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  • I miss you a little more!!

    I miss you a little more!!

    Everytime the rain starts pouring Mesmerized by the earthy scentI miss you a little more Everytime the cool breeze blowIn the void of your absence  I miss you a little more Everytime the moon glows brighter Lost in its gloryI miss you a little more Everytime i feel snuggledLonging for your armsI miss you a […]


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  • Emotional Baggage in Relationships

    Emotional Baggage in Relationships

    Very often the extra Baggage that we carry with ourselves becomes the cause of our broken relationships. It’s something, that still goes unnoticed and keeps degrading our mental health, as well as our relationships with people around us. What does it mean? An Emotional Baggage is a stacked up pile of feelings that remains somewhere […]

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  • How I Spent My Sunday!

    How I Spent My Sunday!

    So it was a beautiful and day. I stepped out of my home after a couple of weeks. The day didn’t started that well, as i woke up very late, had breakfast, took a shower and got ready qhickly cause i was running late for my test. I left for the metro and reached at […]

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  • He saw her again!

    He saw her again!

    That Saturday morning he saw her again, in a salmon pink dress, pearl studs and that same star shaped nose pin. Those long black hair, chubby cheeks, bright almond eyes, button nose and rosy lips……nothing changed.Those cute rose gold glasses flattered her charm even more, just like a cherry on the cake. She was still […]

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